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Nitrazepam is an effective medication for the powerful treatment of sleeping disorders and myoclonic seizures.



What you Should Need To Know Before Using Mogadon (Nitrazepam)

Nitrazepam is from the category of medications that are known as benzodiazepines. This medication is used for some short-term treatments of sleeping disorders such as regular sleeping, not being able to sleep early at night, or waking them too late in the morning.

It can also be used for the effective management of myoclonic seizures. It works by reducing nerve pressure in the area of the brain.

The initial dosage of consuming the Nitrazepam is around 5-10 mg amount which is usually taken before going to bed. Often, adults or the senior age group people will experience the undesirable effects of the medications so they should start from 2mg only.

Usually, the medication is consumed for a short period or as the doctor prescribes it. It can develop into a habit, so it is much needed to consume for a short period and not more than ten days. If you are looking forward to consuming this medication for a maximum of 3 weeks, then consulting your doctor is needed.


There is a particular group of people who should avoid consuming consumption of medication, as mentioned below:

  • If you have any allergies, you should not consume them.
  • Never use it on your kids who are not able to sleep early.
  • You should use it if you are having myasthenia gravis or some liver infection.

Possible Side Effects of Nitrazepam

Almost all the medications can bring specific side effects for the body if it is consumed in a larger dosage. Some of the common side effects will be temporary and some will be permanent. Usually, 1% of the population can witness side effects in their bodies such as the dry mouth or increased water in the mouth, dizziness, or having vivid dreams.

Always remember that as you start taking this medication never forget to consult your doctor in order to learn about more guidelines and what sort of side effects it can give to your body.  Never overdose on the consumption amount as it can bring some side effects in the human body that can get worse with time.


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